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Simple Imposition

Simple Imposition Tool


Experimenting with iTextSharp (a C# port of the excellent iText PDF library for Java) from Bruno Lowagie and Paulo Soares, I created this simple tool for the most basic imposition needs.


This application requires that .NET 2.0 is installed (can be obtained from Microsofts site for free). Like with my other tools installing means that you simply unzip the EXE from the ZIP-archive to a folder on your computer and create a shortcut to it.


Gimposition works straightforward. Just run the executable (click on its icon or shortcut). Select the file with the button, or drag and drop the file to the form. Select what you want to do - prepare for 2-up printing - prepare for booklet printing or place two equal copies side by side. Then press "Action". Download Simple Imposition


Here is a "how to" description made by a user.